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Foodnomics is the science that studies your food consumption and learn how to make decisions based on saving, spending and investing in your calories. Psychonutrition is the first science to understand food as an economic science.

About us

Foodnomics is a concept, a lifestyle, a way of understanding the world and food. We base our knowledge on research, data and the experience of thousands of people over the last decades.

Foodnomics offers its patients an internal revolution through nutrition. We offer different formulas to improve your relationship with food. We train you in the science behind food. And most importantly, we listen to you to adapt and satisfy your needs.

Our objetive

Our goal is to achieve a global change through an individual transformation of people. We understand that a process of introspection is necessary that culminates in a healthier and happier life.

Our work methodology is based on natural and ancestral food. Today’s world has transformed food according to capitalist interests that harm our health and limit our capabilities. We must return to a diet based on natural, zero processed products and balanced recipes that stimulate our energy and strengthen our immune system.

We promote a healthy culture and a "plant based" food, enhancing the person's individual training and transforming its eating habits.


We work closely with our patients and create a close atmosphere to achieve goals together.


Our work philosophy is based on offering each person only what they need and working with them for the time which is strictly necessary.


We do not judge our patients by their habits. We focus on achieving results.


We take our profession very seriously and we assume the objectives of our patients as our own.

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About us

Sonia Haboub

Experta y Doctorante en Comportamiento del consumidor en redes sociales y Psiconutrición. Nacida en Italia, con raíces Árabes, trae lo mejor de las dos culturas: su primer contacto con la alimentación y tradición natural fue a través de su abuela, quien le enseñó a valorar los regalos de la Madre Tierra y los secretos de una tradición milenaria surgida en Oriente Medio. Su madre la introdujo a la fitoterapia y la sanación a través de los aceites y especias, basadas en la medicina natural.

Sonia cuenta con diez años de experiencia en cuatro industrias diferentes: Moda y Lujo, Logistica Marítima, IT & Tech, y Bioagricultura. Ha trabajado en ocho países y viajado a más de cuarenta. Habla ocho idiomas y le encanta practicar deporte. Entre sus pasiones destacan el arte, la moda, los caballos, el piano, la naturaleza y la cocina. Su objetivo es ayudar a las personas a desarrollar mayor consciencia sobre lo que comen y su impacto en el planeta.

Psychonutrition services

Psychonutrition is the science that studies the relationship between food and emotions. It allows us to understand and give voice to our feelings, travel to the subconscious and understand our deepest patterns and beliefs. Our experts will accompany you in an exciting process of change, understanding, accepting and valuing new patterns of behavior to achieve your goals.

Unlike nutrition, which pursues short-term goals through diets, psychonutrition focuses on managing emotions and behavior patterns related to eating. In this way, we will be able to achieve lasting internal and external objectives, since what is sought are long-term changes in behavior.

What we offer

We propose a permanent change in your lifestyle. We improve your training in nutrition, healthy recipes and the benefits of different foods.

We review your beliefs and relationship with food. We help you “reprogram” your behavior patterns and your emotions to generate successful and lasting change.


Learn to listen to your body and control the emotions linked to your diet. Specialized training in the characteristics, benefits and risks, labeling, and combination of foods.

Personalized advice and tailored nutritional plan. You will be able to identify patterns and limiting beliefs and you will learn to program them.

To whom it is addressed

Designed for people who want to learn about nutrition, food and healthy diets People interested in exponentially improving their quality of life and generating permanent and lasting change. Also for men and women who want to get fit and find a psychological and physical balance.


Services designed to improve people’s quality of life. From specific nutrition plans according to our objectives, to activities and events to promote and generate community on psychonutrition.


There are numerous initiatives through educational centers that contribute to improving the health of people and the planet. We focus on six areas of work: education and training, research, nutrition, educational centers, certifications and food camps.


Food is directly related to productivity. A person with a balanced and well-organized diet works more efficiently, achieves higher levels of attention and concentration, and shows a better predisposition towards work. We focus on three areas of work: psycho-nutrition, talks and workshops, and food camps.


Research is one of the most important lines of work within Foodnomics. We have a team of researchers, doctors and professionals from the sector who help us plan researches and carry them out.

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